Car problems fixed, new tune results!

So I recently made a post about the issues I’ve been experiencing with my car for the last couple weeks. Well I’m happy to say everything has finally been taken care off and my car is better than ever. Scott Siegel did an amayzing job last night on my car as always and here are the results: Continue reading “Car problems fixed, new tune results!”

CarLab X-Brace Review – 05 STI

After spending plenty money on go fast mods I decided it’s time to spend some money on making my car handle better. It seems most people tend to start with sway bars, struts, or springs so I started looking into those a bit more. After giving these options some thought, I decided sway bars would be the better choice since they aren’t too expensive and would be an easy install. I went to the ‘for sale’ forums at IWSTI looking for some sway bars and noticed a group buy for the CarLab X-Brace.

I didn’t know much about the x-brace but when I clicked on the thread I saw lots of very positive comments about this brace. I did a site search for the x-brace and even more info came up on how wonderful this mod is and some people were saying this was the perfect first suspension mod for them. The price was about the same as getting both front and rear sway bars and it sounded like I would get more benefit from the brace so I decided to join the group buy and bought the brace. Continue reading “CarLab X-Brace Review – 05 STI”

I guess having some car problems after 4 years is normal…

So I’ve been driving my car around without any big problems for the last four years. Right now I’m at 32,000 miles – bought the car brand new. The first 10k I was running on stage 2 and the last 20ish k I’ve been running at 450whp with the turbo upgrade. The only things I’ve done are regular oil changes (always synthetic), new spark plugs a few times, and… changed my tires at 22k and that’s it. Stock engine, stock clutch, stock brakes/pads.

Four weeks ago I went on a mountain pass with a few people and had a blast. Unfortunately half way through the pass my car started acting up. I floored it like I had been all morning and then my car cut gas around 5k rpm and my check engine light turned on. Someone had a code scanner so we tried to read the code and nothing was coming back. The guy then reset the code (since there was none) and the check engine light turned off. I decided to try giving the car gas one more time to make sure it wasn’t just one isolated random incident and it wasn’t. Same thing happened and my check engine light came up. Continue reading “I guess having some car problems after 4 years is normal…”

05 WRX STi – Road to 450whp Part 2 (300whp to 450whp)

300 whp was fun but like I mentioned in Part 1, there were some issues that I was not happy with.  After spending countless hours at IWSTI (where I do most of my research about my car), I decided 300whp just wasn’t enough. I wanted to play with the big boys… I wanetd more power… I wanted a bigger turbo. This is where TopSpeed comes in.

I called Tray up at TopSpeed and told him I wanted more power and what he recommends.  His question was simple, how much power do I want and I answered 400whp.  The FP20g wouldn’t get me there, green would be closer, but his recommendation for my needs and budget was the FPRed.  He listed a whole bunch of things that need to be changed in the car for this turbo, told me the price, and I gave him the OK to proceed with the project.

Continue reading “05 WRX STi – Road to 450whp Part 2 (300whp to 450whp)”