My car is for sale! 2005 Subaru WRX STi, 51,300 miles for $21,500 – SOLD!

Here is the link to autotrader with all the info: My car for sale. It’s a great car and I had a blast with it but I have bought a replacement, a Z06. The suby has a lot of mods, you can read about them all in my blog under ‘my-car‘ – pushed 450whp with methanol. Contact me here or at autotrader for more questions.

05 WRX STi – Road to 450whp Part 2 (300whp to 450whp)

300 whp was fun but like I mentioned in Part 1, there were some issues that I was not happy with.  After spending countless hours at IWSTI (where I do most of my research about my car), I decided 300whp just wasn’t enough. I wanted to play with the big boys… I wanetd more power… I wanted a bigger turbo. This is where TopSpeed comes in.

I called Tray up at TopSpeed and told him I wanted more power and what he recommends.  His question was simple, how much power do I want and I answered 400whp.  The FP20g wouldn’t get me there, green would be closer, but his recommendation for my needs and budget was the FPRed.  He listed a whole bunch of things that need to be changed in the car for this turbo, told me the price, and I gave him the OK to proceed with the project.

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05 WRX STi – Road to 450whp Part 1 (Stock to 300whp)

For any car enthusiasts out there, I decided to write a little bit about my car and experiences over the last couple years.  It all started back in November of 2004… actually before that, probably the year before.  At some point in 03 I graduated from College and decided to treat myself in the form of a car.  I was driving a 91 Acura Integra at the time which was nice but I was ready for something new.  What I really wanted was a Subaru WRX STi but I couldn’t afford it so I settled on an Acura RSX-S.  The car was really fun and comfortable to drive around but around a year later, I received a promotion at work and it was time to get the car I really wanted, the WRX STi.

I bought the car from ‘Herman Jones’ at ‘Classic Cadillac and Subaru‘ after a few hours of negotiations.  I was very happy with the purchase and I would recommend anyone interested in buying a Subaru to go talk to Herman.  The car was everything I was expecting it to be if not more.  4 cylinder boxer engine, turbo, 300hp/300tq, all wheel drive, sport seats – so much performance I didn’t know what to do with.  So of course, my first thought was… more HP!

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