So I’ve been driving my car around without any big problems for the last four years. Right now I’m at 32,000 miles – bought the car brand new. The first 10k I was running on stage 2 and the last 20ish k I’ve been running at 450whp with the turbo upgrade. The only things I’ve done are regular oil changes (always synthetic), new spark plugs a few times, and… changed my tires at 22k and that’s it. Stock engine, stock clutch, stock brakes/pads.

Four weeks ago I went on a mountain pass with a few people and had a blast. Unfortunately half way through the pass my car started acting up. I floored it like I had been all morning and then my car cut gas around 5k rpm and my check engine light turned on. Someone had a code scanner so we tried to read the code and nothing was coming back. The guy then reset the code (since there was none) and the check engine light turned off. I decided to try giving the car gas one more time to make sure it wasn’t just one isolated random incident and it wasn’t. Same thing happened and my check engine light came up. Read the rest of this entry »

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