Car problems fixed, new tune results!

So I recently made a post about the issues I’ve been experiencing with my car for the last couple weeks. Well I’m happy to say everything has finally been taken care off and my car is better than ever. Scott Siegel did an amayzing job last night on my car as always and here are the results:


Dyno from over 2 years ago when my turbo upgrade and meth were installed.
Dyno from over 2 years ago


Dyno from yesterday
Dyno from yesterday

It was interesting how two years ago I had noticeably more whp than wtq but this time it’s the opposite. whp stayed around the same, a bit less than before but my car now has about 40 more wtq and I can definitely feel it. Not only this but now my car makes power quicker. At pretty much every RPM range my car is making more power than before. My car feel smoother and more powerful than ever – I couldn’t be happier. The blue (run 10) on the second dyno is the last pull when my clutch slipped I believe, red is the final tune with the new clutch.

The only difference on my car from both dynos is after the first dyno I put a carbon fiber drive shaft, new clutch and lighter flywheel in my car. Scott also mentioned tires can affect the dyno numbers and I do have a different set of wider tires on now.

 If you have any questions, thoughts, comments feel free to post!

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