If you’re reading this you must be a little curious about the guy behind the blog. Some personal stuff you might find interesting? I was born in Puerto Rico and grew up in South America. I lived in Ecuador for a few years and then Peru until I came to the US for college. I currently reside in Atlanta, GA. I enjoy the occasional video game, working out, and running (when it’s warm). Weekends you’ll probably find me driving my car in the mountains or just hanging out with my esposita.

Professionally, I like to keep up with current online trends in code and the tech industry. A lot of my knowledge I use now was learned on my own and out of an interest to better myself in my field. It’s served me well in life! Lately I’ve been interested in sharing that knowledge where it’s helpful through this blog. My full-time job as a Software Developer keeps me busy – on top of that I also do random side jobs and personal projects. I’m routinely attending the Atlanta PHP User Group and have presented there as well.

Where could you have seen my work?

Cengage CompuTaught

After a year years of PHP development work, I’m now a Manager of Technology Development at Cengage Learning focusing mostly on Ed2go applications.


I spent a few years doing development work for iLearn focusing mostly on Flash/ActionScript.


QAlias is a project that started in 2004. It is a site for people who want to improve their online presence. Our users can create a 3 page view including a bio, add business cards, and create as many bulletins as they wish. Then we make sure they are displayed on the first page of Google using Google AdWords. I’m one of the co-owners of QAlias.com and the only developer on the project.